Swiss cheese

Strategy for building a 'Just Green Economy' in a global climate emergency with a Climate Safeguard 'Swiss cheese' Mechanism (CSSCM) in the 'land of opportunity' - Australia


Step 1:

Take some of the C emission offset cheese from new fossil fuel projects and expansions forced to maintain annual 'Net-Zero' C emissions for operations (not product) and build wildlife/biological/biodiversity corridors and C removal/C negative technologies and related businesses that regenerate the land and waterways and create new jobs for Earth Stewards.


Step 2:

Outsmart and retire the fossil industry during an orderly 'Just Green Transition' while building a C negative energy and transport system, decarbonise C emission intensive industry (with the rest of the C emission offset cheese) eg.Steel ('Helios' Sodium reactor), Nickel (currently prospected in SA) & Alumina ('Green steel' and possibly unprocessed Kaolin clay with high Alumina content for ceramic electrolytes, Nickel and Sodium (desal salty brine or saltpans) could be used to build Altech's/our own University designed 'Sodium-Alumina solid state batteries' for stationary energy storage - not a bad recipe for South Australia - no Copper or Hydrogen needed!) OR retire them eg.toxic chemical companies where 'Green chemistry' solutions exist, and build a fairer and ecologically and financially sustainable economy.   But, is this even possible while C emissions go up with the CSSCM - not down, taking into account increasing fossil CO2 exports that remain untouched and could be taxed/'levied'? This could pay for 10,000 ecovillages with 10,000 microgrids and an average of 100 dwellings per ecovillage which could be flexible depending on the workforce requirements of some green industrial ecologies linked to the ecovillages ('a million houses')? It could cost AUD$275 billion or thereabouts. Why not capitalise on a dying industry and get their cut of the action? Unless of course Labor has already made backroom deals to protect the profit of fossil corporations via Clive Hamilton's 'Greenhouse mafia' from his 2007 'Scorcher' novel - if they still exist??


The impacts of climate change are spread unevenly and unfairly around the globe and CO2 is CO2 everywhere, not limited to Australia. I'm not suggesting Nationalisation of fossil - just a levy on exports. Hugo Chavez wanted to take Venezuela out of poverty with oil but I never agreed with his idea to send an oil pipeline through the Amazon rainforest to Brasil - Nationalisation gone mad.


What about that cheese full of holes? It's a classic Gov accounting trick...take cheese with one hand and give cheese with the other hand, or rather, emit billions of tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2030 in the fossil sector and partly reduce CO2 emissions in other industry sectors. 

I thought I was waltzing into an industrial design and building Renaissance with the last Federal election result.

What does make sense is that we need a plan to avoid climate chaos and failure and we need to learn from every other Gov around the world to do it. Labor had the perfect opportunity to transition the Country and 'Build a better future' but chose to align themselves with the fossil industry instead. Why do I care? I'm a Zen Carbon atom in the 'Carbon cycle'. I know where the C goes and where it needs to stay in order to keep the balance. The global 'Carbon cycle' is clearly out of balance.


Step 3:

Kick back with a bevvy knowing you are prepared for the future!



Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future
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