Another interesting modification could be passive 'Green Hydrogen' production using a biochar-based photocatalyst in the water for converting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with sunlight.

A modular and scalable system for semi-arid and arid areas. There could be, say, for a small settlement, 4 K-T's for biochar production,  ? for water harvesting and ? for Green Hyrogen production, depending on the water, sanitation, building, growing system and electricity needs. There would need to be a source of Sodium Alginate powder (still to be tested) and a cheap and clean method of producing a biochar photocatalyst preferably with local resources. Access to fuel cells, Hydrogen-powered transport/machinery or even standalone/stationary charging of e-motorcycles with Ceramic/C based Solid State Batteries.

There would also need to be tech that could separate the H2 from the O2 and collect and store the H2, maybe pumped directly into H2 canisters that can be plugged into a stationary fuel cell system for electricity. But - handling H2 can be a risky business (WHS) - maybe stick with mesoporous C printed PV panels and SSBs in a standalone system would be a better idea. The AWH module has a lot of potential - or, at least the material does and could be a cheaper option than the Hydropanel in a DIY rooftop or land-based mounted panel system.

It may all sound ridiculous but I imagine there could be a variety of combinations to suit local needs around this theme.