What is Permachar?


Permachar is a small business that aims to work towards building a fairer and greener future by producing biochar and biochar appropriate technology that promises to deliver clean Carbon offsetting and removal via millennia+ scale sequestration, energy cogeneration, water conservation and improved soil fertility for greater climate, energy, water and food security. Prosperity with 'regenerative degrowth' and 'Carbon-negative cultures'. The main focus is on semi-arid research.



The business is now selling Kon-Tiki 'Essential' biochar kilns in Australia in orders of 2 or 4 units. They can be placed in a pair or square for running multiple kilns at a time. Anyone for a 2 person quad core? I'll provide a free consultation with system integration advice. Free lifetime product support.


Glocalisation: Top-down 'global' thinking, Bottom-up 'local' action. Biochar is a 'permaculture' technology that when integrated into into a regenerative economy in a cascade of uses serves multiple functions and is supported by multiple elements. I aim to produce biochar and biochar appropriate technology following the permaculture principles of 'Care for the Earth', 'Care for people', and 'Redistribution of surplus to one's needs'.