What is Permachar?


Permachar is a small business that aims to work towards building a fairer and greener future by producing biochar and biochar appropriate technology that promises to deliver clean carbon sequestration, energy cogeneration, water conservation and improved soil fertility for greater climate, energy, water and food security.



The business is at a research and development stage. Over time this will develop into a carbon systems design consultancy with an inital emphasis on viticulture integration. I aim to eventually manufacture the 'Permastove' biochar-producing TLUD stove and the Flat-Tiki 'Carbon' biochar kiln for aid and development combined. I am happy to discuss biochar with anyone interested.


Glocalisation: Top-down 'global' thinking, Bottom-up 'local' action. Biochar is a 'permaculture' technology that when integrated into the economy serves multiple functions and is supported by multiple elements. I aim to produce biochar and biochar appropriate technology following the permaculture principles of 'Care for the Earth', 'Care for people', and 'Redistribution of surplus to one's needs'.