Project Golf Buggy

OK. So I was getting all excited about outback 'Adventure' transport and Mars space research (see 'Blogs') when it occurred to me that the ol' golf buggy could be due for a retrofit with biochar. Maybe it's time to upgrade the ol' golf clubs and retrofit a golf buggy with a prototype biochar battery and solar roof that I've been thinking about for a while.


Here are some potential tech specs:

Solar panel roof made from 'flash graphene' PV cells embedded in a biochar-based biocomposite

A biochar battery with the following considerations:
current draw
durabiity eg. vibration, operating temperature range: subzero to 60 degrees (climate change is a bitch but no reason to stop playing golf, maybe in a space suit)
high 'depth of discharge 'DoD'
many lifecycles at high performance eg. 10,000+
modularity eg. easily drop in battery replacement
maintenance - minimal or none
battery management system with colour LED touch panel:
    Overload protection,
    Short circuit protection,
    Over temperature protection.
    Over discharge protection,
    Over current protection
Australian 'green' electronics??


Other tech specs:
-Cu doped seaweed biochar electrodes with ?hydrothermal activation
-solid state graphene-like substance electrolyte with ?hydrothermal activation or 'flash graphene' from biochar (or trash/rubbish)
-biochar-based biocomposite polymer shell


By the time it gets made, I'll probably need it. Unless of course some VC comes my way...