Biochar-related links

Visit the International Biochar Initiative Visit the Bioenergy Lists Visit Dr. Paul Taylor's 'The Biochar Revolution' site Biochar for Environmental Management: Science, Technology and Implementation Visit Dr. TLUD - be inspired! The Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center - home of the famous 'stove camp' Clean Cooking Catalog - most comprehensive catalog of cookstoves on the internet IWA Tiers of Performance Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy's GEO portal Read about 'Charmaster Dolph's' biochar exploits Learn about important biochar research in Oz Biochar Industries - biochar for sale in NSW Carbon farming (eg. biochar) for direct action? The secret of El Dorado - a must see The Japan Biochar Association The Ithaka Institute Illinois Biochar Backyard Biochar Finger Lakes Biochar Aqueous Solutions - Biochar for water filtration Kon-Tiki: The democratisation of biochar production Dr Paul Taylor's youtube channel The Kon-Tiki in pictures Dr Hugh McLaughlin's NextChar biochar resources Digital Commons - explore free full-text articles Dr Bruce Logan's portal for microbial fuel cells (MFCs) Hemp for Supercapacitors - carbonisation of hemp bast fibres (into carbon nanosheets) for supercapacitors Hemp for Supercapacitors - the video Biochar activated by oxygen plasma for supercapacitors 'Biochar activated by oxygen plasma for supercapacitors' - additional info in the free online patent application 'The secrets of El Dorado viewed through a microbial perspective' - ties together the importance of electron transfer in the biochar substrate -relates to previous MFC and supercapacitor research The Geobacter Project - maybe used for an inoculant for the biochar-compost fuel cell A quick overview of phytoliths Comparative analysis of the microbial communities in agricultural soil amended with enhanced biochars or traditional fertilisers Effects of Enriched Biochars Containing Magnetic Iron Nanoparticles on Mycorrhizal Colonisation, Plant Growth, Nutrient Uptake and Soil Quality Improvement A Combination of Biochar–Mineral Complexes and Compost Improves Soil Bacterial Processes, Soil Quality, and Plant Properties Clearly a bold approach to Carbon sequestration in a big data, eco-social and citizen scientist kind of way Plenty of organic farming info, videos, audio, workshop handouts. Info about biochar too The Soil Food Web Institute - info about compost teas (for biochar inoculation) Terra preta sanitation Terra preta vermicompost Burn: Using fire to cool the earth Biochar seed ball reforestation using drones Biochar seed ball reforestation in Kenya Flash graphene - Finally, a 'green' process to convert biochar to graphene in a 'flash' - you can even use trash!

Additional links of interest

Encyclopedia of Life Appropedia - Appropriate Technology projects and more Plants for a Future database - awesome search and extensive links Practical Plants - built on top of Plants for a Future database but rarely updated Permies: a place for permaculture networking and advice Permaculture Global - permaculture projects from around the world Milkwood Permaculture The Food Forest The global site for Earthship Biotecture StreetBank Ripe near me Resilience - Articles about sustainability The Australia Institute Beyond Zero Emissions Degrowth Wiki about renewable energy - very extensive though still in beta Climate Debate Daily Hemp for Victory - the original video Office of Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis (SA) Industrial Hemp Association of South Australia A diverse look at food security and sovereignty Lots of interesting links to go with 'The Carbon Farming Solution' by Eric Toensmeier Vineyard Agroecology - lots of links and research papers A great general resource for agroecology UN: Only Small Farmers and Agroecology Can Feed the World Australian Institute of Agroecology ResearchGate - open access to scientific literature Grow your own nutrition - Brix An extensive medicinal and culinary herb reference Another handy medicinal and culinary herb reference A carbon-based photovoltaic (PV) cell - a future Carbon removal platform on the Ethereum Blockchain using POS ZapGo - a startup on the forefront of C-ion technology for energy storage solutions Suaoki G500 - a well-designed solar generator - woud be even better with Carbon ion tech! Allpowers 21W solar generator with battery - great value! (just add graphene) The future of broadband internet The Level Market | Relief & Humanitarian Supplies - heaps of awesome tech and room for improvement Probably the world's most efficient solar PV cell Finally - a commercially available graphene composite power bank The latest climate news from around the world and more... A great example of an urban food forest in Melbourne with various DIY activities/technologies A wake-up call to limit global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial levels An NFP dedicated to driving science into public discussion and policy on environmental health issues, including climate change. 1000 of the best renewable energy solutions on the planet Top 100 solutions to reverse global warming (biochar should probably be ranked higher on the list:() Home of the unpowered Measured Irrigation controller A good option for decentralised energy security Why not add a few layers for additional wavelength capture to increase the efficiency - Christmas! Why not build an Aussie car with multi-layered OPVs The think tank for food The Cosmo Communicator - love it! The BEST battery for Labor's battery plan Yet Another Benefit of Renewable Energy: It Uses Practically No Water Compared to Fossil Fuels Quantum internet anyone? - with Diamonds!! CarboPIU - a ?golf-ball hailstone proof,insulated, lightweight, UV protected, light-transmitting roof material for greenhouses and outdoor areas The pinephone - at beta testing stage for use with a number of linux smartphone/tablet OSs An intuitive, interactive online platform to learn a variety of data science related careers - highly recommended Build a firebreak around the home... Major breakthrough for power generation!! A quick overview of the future of solar technology