Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Antarctic sea ice extent hits a third low in a row (Wed, 28 Feb 2024)
On February 20, Antarctic sea ice likely reached its minimum extent of 1.99 million square kilometers (768,000 square miles), tying for second lowest extent in the 1979 to 2024 satellite record. This is the third consecutive year that Antarctic sea … Continue reading →
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George Monbiot

Hard Labour (Mon, 19 Feb 2024)
This could be not only Labour’s last chance but, if the party doesn’t recover some courage, British democracy’s. By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 11th February 2024 It’s as if Keir Starmer is seeking out all the positive reasons to vote Labour at the next election and deleting them. The national care service, abolishing […]
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New study suggests the Atlantic overturning circulation AMOC “is on tipping course” (Fri, 09 Feb 2024)
A new paper was published in Science Advances today. Its title says what it is about: “Physics-based early warning signal shows that AMOC is on tipping course.” The study follows one by Danish colleagues which made headlines last July, likewise looking for early warning signals for approaching an AMOC tipping point (we discussed it here), […] The post New study suggests the Atlantic overturning circulation AMOC “is on tipping course” first appeared on RealClimate.
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New Scientist - Home

Benefits of hyaluronic acid in skincare products have been oversold (Wed, 28 Feb 2024)
Hyaluronic acid's skincare benefits are often attributed to its supposed ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, which new research has discredited
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Skeptical Science

Climate Adam: Are food influencers wrong about climate change? (Mon, 26 Feb 2024)
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