Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

New year lows once again (Mon, 07 Jan 2019)
As 2018 came to a close, Arctic sea ice extent was tracking at its third lowest level in the satellite record, while sea ice in the Antarctic remained at historic lows. Slightly faster growth in the first few days of … Continue reading →
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George Monbiot

Don’t Breathe (Fri, 11 Jan 2019)
Pollution is now the biggest threat to children’s health. So why is it so neglected? By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 9th January 2019   Imagine that you could…
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The debate is over: The oceans are in hot, hot water (Thu, 17 Jan 2019)
More than any other region on Earth, the oceans hold the answers for our planet's future. And right now, their health is spectacularly failing.
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NOAA-thing burger officially confirmed (Sun, 06 Jan 2019)
Back in February 2017, I wrote about the tediously predictable arc of criticisms of the paper, and in particular the comments of John Bates at Judith Curry’s blog. an initial claim of imperfection spiced up with insinuations of misconduct, coordination with a breathless hyping of the initial claim with ridiculous supposed implications, some sensible responses […]
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New Scientist - Home

Silencing brain cells in mice can make them no longer care about pain (Thu, 17 Jan 2019)
When certain brain cells are silenced in mice, they still sense pain but no longer seem bothered by it. The finding could lead to new pain treatments
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Skeptical Science

Republicans call for 'innovation' to tackle climate change, but it's not magic (Tue, 08 Jan 2019)
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