Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

On the high side of low (Mon, 06 Jun 2022)
Sea ice extent near both poles was again below average, but higher than in recent years for most of the month. In the Arctic, seasonal sea ice loss began more slowly in May than in the recent years as air … Continue reading →
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Mmm-k scale climate models (Sat, 25 Jun 2022)
Two opinion pieces (, and ) and a supportive were published this week, extolling the prospects for what they call “k-scale” climate modeling. These are models that would have grid boxes around 1 to 2 km in the horizontal – some 50 times smaller than what was used in the CMIP6 models. This would be […] The post Mmm-k scale climate models first appeared on RealClimate.
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New Scientist - Home

Artificially intelligent robot perpetuates racist and sexist prejudice (Mon, 27 Jun 2022)
Virtual robot run by artificial intelligence acts in a way that conforms to toxic stereotypes when asked to pick faces that belong to criminals or homemakers
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Skeptical Science

2022 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #25 (Sun, 26 Jun 2022)
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