Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Wild ride in October (Tue, 05 Nov 2019)
October daily sea ice extent went from third lowest in the satellite record at the beginning of the month to lowest on record starting on October 13 through October 30. Daily extent finished second lowest, just above 2016, at month’s … Continue reading →
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George Monbiot

The Unlearning (Mon, 11 Nov 2019)
Boarding school, a peculiarly British form of abuse, has devastating impacts not only on the boarders, but on those they grow up to dominate. By George Monbiot, published in the…
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Wind and solar can save the planet — can they save our water supply, too? (Wed, 13 Nov 2019)
In California, the rapid growth of solar and wind could help replenish depleted aquifers.
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Sensitive But Unclassified (Wed, 06 Nov 2019)
The US federal government goes to quite a lot of effort to (mostly successfully) keep sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information (like personal data) out of the hands of people who would abuse it. But when it comes to the latest climate models, quite a few are SBU as well. The results from climate models that […]
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New Scientist - Home

Why dark matter's no-show could mean a big bang rethink (Wed, 13 Nov 2019)
We can't find any trace of cosmic dark matter – perhaps because our models of the early universe are missing a crucial piece, says astrophysicist Dan Hooper
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