Biochar apptech grant scheme

May need to splash some cash for the Climate Emergency. Here's an idea for budding inventors that would cost 1/150 of the AUD$1.5 billlion donated for natural gas ('Unnatural Methane') subsidies in the Beetaloo Basin.

AUD$10,000,000/40,000=250 member grants for 'Net negative' biochar 'Appropriate Technology' (apptech) startups with $40,000 grants/startup member, with a maximum of 5 team members, meeting strict technology criteria  for the technology idea

eg. Affordability, Carbon removal, Sustainability, Decentralisation, Inter-operability, Modularity, Service orientation and possibly others.

The moula would be independent of cost of living expenses. Expenses would be audited for transparency in a dedicated bank account with no cash withdrawals and no cryptocurrency. This should be enough dough to set up a design studio, basic workshop, biomass processing equipment, a semi-pro (non-metal) 3D printer, materials, components, sub-contracting and get to the prototyping stage for many real and imagined biochar apptech. For a team of 2 or more, a purchase and delivery of a low-powered fiber 2D laser cutter running on solar and storage wouldn't be out of the question and could be used well beyond the grant money running out. At this stage, Pro metal 3D printing machinery would probably be too expensive, even for a team of 5 but the landscape is quickly changing. Possibly not enough cash to get through the 'Valley of Death' between prototyping and commercialisation but probably enough for a working prototype to then apply for a private sector grant, investment or prize = 'Biochar Renaissance' in the age of YouTube, cheap online education and some free TAFE courses.

I would start with an affordable small-scale '2 in 1' biochar mill (eg.air filtration->water filtration->growing systems) and pelletiser (of biochar mineral complex (BMC) for hydroponics or biomass pellet feedstock for TLUD stoves and heaters->biochar) which I would make a high priority...those damn food, water and energy bills keep getting higher!



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