Education and skills, anyone?

A free undergraduate degree, whatever the University, with modules from all of the university undergraduate offerings
Specialty pathways
Compulsory units: Problem Based Learning, Design, Start Ups
Rental HECS scheme
Some TAFE integration where it's needed
Hybrid and online

Before a Military education

Whatever happened to the student unions that worked like clockwork and gave students a voice and breathed life into University campuses?

18 year olds, myself included back in the day, think they know what they want for a career but realistically don't know what they want after liberating their minds in a 'Liberal arts degree' - which could include STEM and whatever else they want to study in a free undergraduate Bachelor degree.

Until you undertake a Bachelor degree, you don't realise how little you were taught in Secondary/High School
Post graduate: PELS, CSP, accessible with a completed degree, hybrid or online

Until you undertake Post-graduate education, you don't realise how little you learned in a Bachelor Degree.

However, many Masters Degrees, which could be an entry point to a PhD, cost around AUD$50k.


Fortunately, there's a good alternative to University education - Permaculture. An ecological design system for now and the future. Start with a PDC and if you love it, convert to a Diploma. You won't regret it. I certainly didn't and it's provided a great foundation for life and business.


The 'Tree of Knowledge' knows no limits and shouldn't be restricted in any way.


Down the track - it's not just who you know but also what you know - many people can impress HR in an interview if you know what you're talking about! But - a well conceived Resume can make all the difference to your application in order to get an interview.


Coursera Plus, or, whatever else is suitable, can fill in the gaps where it's needed, earn LinkedIn badges or even start earning credit for a Bachelor or Masters degree.


A 'Carbon Valley' could accelerate Carbon negative technology Research, Design, Development and Commercialisation for Start Ups. Maybe somewhere between Mt Gambier and the ocean in South Australia, which would have a variety of feedstocks eg.pine, sea kelp etc. and could be the perfect region, roughly 5 hours between Adelaide and Melbourne. and provide a sweet lifestyle for people living there.


The mind boggles - many possibilities are out there - find what's right for you and for the Planet which needs our help.

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