Biochar production technology

The atmosphere is a Carbon quarry waiting to be mined and turned into Inertinite after more than 250 years of industrial Carbon pollution. This can be done at different scales of pyrolysis technology. Start small and aim high!


A bit of biochar kiln history - might want to copy and paste this one guys

Biochar kilns
    - small scale
        - batch:
        - Kon-Tiki


           - Water tight:
            - 1.6m deep cone kiln
            - KTR
            - KTE
            - Compact-Standard-Stretch
            - Flatpacked:
            - Carbon V3
            - Nepali 1000L
        - Pyramid
        - Oregon (design on internet), Oregon Hybrid
        - tube eg.Ring of Fire, Moxham Kiln
        - moki
        -  trough kilns eg.Bamboo Biochar Kiln, Warm Heart Foundation
        - TLUD kiln eg. Permachar, Warm Heart Foundation
        - trench kiln
        - pit kiln eg. Lu'au pit (Josiah Hunt)
        -retort: BBB
    - medium scale
        - batch:
        - Kon-Tiki (multiple units)
        - tube (multiple units)
        - the Big Roo (design available)
        - Joey's NZ vineyard kiln (under trial)
        - Power Pallet (power and bc)
    - large scale
        - batch:
        - Earth Systems Bioenergy 'Charmaker'
            - MPP
        - continuous:
        - rotary eg. China, Japan, US, Pyreg
        - Energy Farmers Australia
        - ByGen (activated biochar)
        - Earth Systems Bioenergy 'Charmaker'
            - CPP (feedstock drying, wood vinegar, bc)
         - ECHO2 (power, heat and bc)
        - Pyrocal
        - Charman (hearth tech from BiG)



An ageing list of biochar companies - some may be defunct


And for some additional reading:

-could this be the beginning of my fictional 'new material' blogged a few years ago?

-too good to be true? Predicted 2000km range for EVs! But - buyer beware. This is a global battery war and it's not unusual for a company to overstate the performance specs...sounds interesting though.


Maybe the safest move is betting on 'Permaculture plants', coined by Jeff Nugent. I would bet on hemp, micro and macro algae and bamboo - all multi-functional plants and fast C sequesters for biochar. ?Palms and ferns? Copper is probably a sure bet too with electrification happening around the world though biomass is being reinvented with biochar. Lithium takes up too much water to mine, environmentally destructive in some regions eg. Salar de Uyuni, and may even be obsolete in 10 years if Quantum Carbon tech has it's way and storage in the same material. I'm imagining unlimited range in EVs and self-powered buildings. Atmospheric mining has great potential too - C (for biochar via plants), N (for fertiliser), H2O (for potable water and potentially agriculture).

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