The 'Desert Rose' 4WD

Here we go again - only different this time...the 'Desert Rose' 4WD - basically, an updated  'Troopie' for diesel-free driving in 'The Outback'
- Oz electric engine
    - efficient

    - modular (so you can pull it apart and put it back together and replace 3D printed parts if needed)

    - lightweight

    - small form factor

    - durable
    - Oz metal powders for 3D printing
    - ?Oz electronics
    - easily maintained with some training
- massless/structural C fibre battery (using hemp Biochar feedstock) with C based 2D/3D perovskite flexible solar PV cells overlaid
- Oz structural steel for the exoskeleton
- separate circuit for comms
- similar form factor to a 'Troopie' but less top heavy
- compatible with a solar perovskite blanket for additional (and faster) PV charging while stationary
- Biochar filled rubber tyres
- hemp filler for panel insulation
- roof racks (no changes)
- front coil or leaf and rear leaf suspension (no changes)


Alternatively, maybe there's an electromodding sweet spot for an old electronics-free Land Rover 4WD but it might not come cheap...

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