Top 16 things you could do to retrofit your home and ?garden to make it more resilient

1) Solar PV system

-without storage...until solid state electrolyte batteries are available OR when affordable micro-electrolysis systems for Hydrogen gas (H2) production (eg.Enapter) with storage and fuel cell become available. Biochar can be integrated both into the H2 storage and fuel cell electrodes

2) Low energy/energy efficient electrical devices

eg. kettle, reverse cycle aircon, LED globes/lights, oven, pressure cooker, heat pump (for hot water..uses approximately 1/4 of power (depending on the tech) compared to an electrical hot water tank which uses approximately 40% of your power).

3) Insulation with high R value in the ?walls and roof

Cheap way to regulate climate inside the house. Biochar can be used as a filler in the insulation. Biochar also provides electromagnetic shielding from 'Electrosmog'. If high humidity, biochar-based render on the walls can help regulate humidity too. If building a new home, biochar can be added to plaster for humidity regulation and reduction of 'Electrosmog' as well.

4) Water tank harvesting water off the roof

This could be a primary water source or backup

5) TLUD biomass gasifier stove eg. Permastove V5

They produce heat for cooking/water purification and biochar as a 'waste' product. This biochar can be used for (6), (7), (8), (10), (11) and (12). Can buy pellets in many places eg. sawdust or rice husk. Primary or backup stove.

See the page on this website

6) Biochar for air filtration

If the air quality is poor eg. In a large city. Could do this by filling up microgreens trays and placing them around the home

7) Biochar for water filtration

If the water quality is poor. Can add to water jugs and replace the Carbon filter.

8) Microgreens grown with biochar

A good way to get trace elements and nutrients into your diet and have a tasty smoothie or salad.  Spent biochar with biomass residue can be added to the Permachar Kitchen Garden (10) or food forest (14)

See the page on this website.

9) Kon-Tiki 'Rolls'

I'd suggest using a Kon-Tiki 'Rolls' for larger amounts of biochar that could be used for insulation, render or plaster in (3) and for the biochar aquifers in (10). The Kon Tiki 'Rolls' could then be used to make biochar to help grow other plants eg.'Food forest' (14) if there is space which should include biomass plants that can be coppiced eg.Acacias, olive, oil mallee et al for future biochar production and expansion of the food forest (14) or PKG (10) or for a small income eg. sell biochar bags.

See the page on this website.

10) Permachar Kitchen Garden (PKG)

If you've got a back/front yard or a rooftop garden. Grow some herbs and veggies for your diet.

See the page on this website.

11) Self-composting 'Humanure' toilet

Indoor or outdoor. Conserves water and creates great compost - just add biochar! Compost can be added to the PKG (10) or food forest (14).

12) Worm farm to compost kitchen scraps/'waste' (or could feed to chickens (13))

Can add milled biochar to the system. The worms will help innoculate the biochar. Also, you can test the quality of the biochar...if the worms avoid it, then it's unsuitable for the chickens (13), PKG (10) or food forest (14)

13) Chicken raising (if you're not Vegan).

Provide eggs and meat (if you're not Vegetarian...could always barter with it/sell it) when the chickens stop laying. Can add milled biochar to the chicken food which reduces parasites and add to chicken bedding which will innoculate the biochar with micro-organisms from manure and will provide great mulch/slow release fertiliser for the PKG (10) or food forest (14).

14) Food Forest

If you've got the space, why not try growing some fruit, nut and biomass plants. Just add inoculated/quenched (Kon-Tiki 'Rolls') biochar into the planting holes and use chicken bedding waste for mulch around the base of the plants which will also act as a slow-release fertiliser and reduce evaporation from the soil.

15) Compost tea

Can use feedstock from the worm farm to inoculate batches. This can be used as a foliar spray on the PKG (10) or food forest (14).

16) Solar oven

Vacuum tube with reflectors eg. GoSun 'Sport' solar oven (if you add one to your cart and wait 12 hours you get a discount code that results in free shipping to Australia (or anywhere else)). Good for camping/surfing in the fire season when you can't have a fire. Or if you can't access feedstock for cooking or if you're feeling lazy and don't want to build a fire.  Much more energy efficient than electric/gas ovens. Can use to bake bread, reheat food, cook meat and veg etc.


These 'Top 16' technologies could also be used to retrofit a shipping container home and ?garden for more remote living or used around the urban landscape on reclaimed land...


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