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C'mon ?fellas, why not a billion bucks during a recession for ARENA to invest in 'Green Hydrogen' projects with a focus on sustainability, scaleability (micro-electrolysis to macro-electrolysis), efficiency, durability and modularity??

PS. Maybe add some seed funding for sustainable seaweed eg.kelp farming at Port Lincoln?

Why? The seaweed would be harvested, pyrolysed and added to ammonia (NH3) from the prototype 'Green Hydrogen' plant to make slow release fertiliser with surface area off the charts (3487m2g-1)* for microbial housing, Mycorrhizal Fungi (that collects the nutrients and minerals from the 3D biochar matrix and delivers them to the plant roots) and whatever else the farmer/gardener needs to add for tuning their soil?

PPS.Biochar seaweed eg.kelp could be a suitable candidate for Hydrogen storage tanks too since it has enormous surface area with highly tunable porosity and surface chemistry for H2 binding sites that allows higher storage density compared to, say, a Carbon fibre tank with nothing inside.

Biochar for Electrochemical Applications
Great short overview of biochar for electrochemical applications
Biochar for Electrochemical Applications
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*Emerging applications of biochar-based materials for energy storage and conversion
Gobsmacking research if you like reading about biochar chemistry and the future of stuff
Emerging applications of biochar-based m
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