Production line scaleability

It's a problem I'm facing right now. Centralised battery megafactories V decentralised, open source and small scale production lines. So what we've got is locked in technologies for 10 years with a battery megafactory in Queensland - there will be more. The only thing it offers is higher temperature performance Li ion batteries compared to the rest of the pack - which is appropriate for predicted global average temperature increases but it's still Li ion - mined (presumably in Australia) and highly toxic when released into the ecosystems at the end of their life. Could the batteries be recycled/upcycled at the end of their life? What about the logistics of this? It seems that there is neither cradle to grave sustainability or circular economy happening here. They want to break into many markets including the South Pacific market but at the end of the day they have no clue how money poor (and culturally rich) many of these communities and people are. Could people afford to buy the batteries? Probably not. Inappropriate technology.

So, my alternative approach might be decentralised open source production lines to produce solar generators (basically batteries with ports and a solar regulator for charging from a solar panel). The Marxist in me wants people who want affordable and sustainable solar energy storage to be able to produce their own. But, the real question is are there any sustainable biomass/feedstock sources in the South Pacific that won't produce more ecological issues eg. land clearing, destruction of coral reefs, food for biomass. It may not be possible to grow kelp due to the sometimes rough seas and an increase in megastorms would need to be considered.  Limited freshwater supply is another consideration for growing feedstocks, though solar desalination is always a possibility too.  With Starlink global internet going online soon, I imagine there will be exponential demand for ways to power smartphones and computers eg.laptops and provide lighting for study. The CharTron concept may well take off (see 'Project Golf Buggy' page)!

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