Hypothetical Ministry for the Federal Government of Australia

Opportunity knocks! Another roadmap with no (rolling) objectives or a climate plan?
Here, the 'Ministry for Climate emergency planning, action and adaptation' is proposed with a very broad mandate (The 'end' of political 'climate wars' but not the end of the global greentech arms race though could be the 'beginning' of stronger climate action) integrated with other Ministries - climate firmware, if you like but not yet a plan, such as those proposed by BZE.
  1. Circular economy 'degrowth' eg. transport, roads, construction, on-grid and off-grid renewable energy
  2. Climate adapted regenerative agriculture, regenerative horticulture and water conservation eg.regen agroforestry
  3. Complex humanitarian emergency response for climate-caused 'unnatural' disasters such as floods, bushfires, droughts, megastorms (cyclones, hailstones etc) eg. Emergency services, military. Potentially money could be invested in self-powered transport (see new blog) given the current and forseeable future energy crisis.
  4. Sea level rise infrastructure adaptation, including stormwater upgrades in flood prone areas eg. permeable paving, biochar water filtration nodes and planting of water loving economic species for regen agroforestry (grown in biochar and could be harvested for more biochar plus urban foraging of produce) in artificial wetlands
  5. Carbon negative renewable technology innovation, commercialisation and deployment eg. Biochar kilns (regen ag, processing of biosolids and green waste at councils etc.), C-based green materials etc.
  6. Indigenous adaptation knowledge and stewardship eg. E.O.Wilson's 'Half Planet', desert research
  7. Green mining and green value added mining products which may need some 'subsidies' in the form of seed funding eg. seawater-)desalination eg.nanoscale fluorine rings (Japan tech) -)freshwater (some collected as potable water, some used for H2 production) + oil-producing climate-adapted microalgae (similar to the 'Brilliant Planet' concept)-)biochar (containing some sea minerals), biodiesel, pharmaceuticals etc. + remaining sea minerals for ag/hort from wastewater evaporation/other process (water chemistry) eg.SEA-?90; iron ore-)'Green steel' with H2 reduction; Direct Air Capture (DAC)-)C-)PV-massless batteries ('holey graphene' = graphyne) with holes/microcavities/quantum wells for quantum superabsorption) etc.
  8. Water tech eg. Atmospheric Water Harvesting (AWH). Four billion people — almost two thirds of the world's population — experience severe water scarcity for at least one month each year (UNICEF). Seed funding for University/independent water tech startups.


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