A 'Green' Economic plan for Australia

For once I agree with Angus Taylor, 'We need an economic plan. Right here, right now.' Ironic, coming from a non-interventionist Liberal Government that offered a Roadmap with no objectives and failed to deliver a 'Climate Plan' for a 'Green COVID Recovery'. People can change, especially when they are now in opposition and there is stagflation looming in Australia.
So, here we go!
The mainframe is climate emergency with climate preparedness motivation.
How to drive the degrowth that we need?
Greentech (defined below) for 'research, testing, development and commercialisation' (RTDC) that creates meaningful employment to promote happy and reasonable livelihoods aka ecocapitalist payload.
Manual labour, robotic automation with AI on factory production lines eg.Aptera or a combination of the two (yes please).
Seed capital:
Criteria for agnostic greentech to secure seed capital from the Gov that meets strict criteria for:
*C negative.⚡👍
That's all for now...


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