Dietary plan

How can I find a balanced nutritional diet for food and medicine with growing plants all year round?
What micro and macro nutrients do I need? eg. 'Teaming with nutrients' by Jeff Lowenfels
What plants should I grow? eg. A mix of annuals and perennials
When should I grow them? Different for every annual and perennials plant once and replace after a variable number of years
What should I feed them? Take a general approach or a customised approach using biochar as a medium/coral reef in both cases
What percentage of my diet should I grow? eg.Aim for 80%.
How should I grow them? Experiment with biocharponics/microgreen systems, circular Zai pits and swales (using the integrated biochar central vertical core and bottom aquifer system), biochar + microalgae eg.Spirulina system for protein, Permachar Kitchen Garden (PKG) for herbs
Agricultural  inputs:
Biomass for biochar production in the KTE
Liquid sea kelp
Microbe inoculations
Mycorrhizal fungi
Rock dust
Compost for the pits, swales and PKG
Straw Lucerne + cow pea for Nitrogen fixation and mulch
Any comments or suggestions welcome!


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