Preparation for El Nino in Oz

Here's an idea. So, let's say bushfires are going to go nuts in Oz next dry period as the La Nina weather system ends and we transition to a new El Nino system with loads of vegetation/fuel throughout the country's forests.

So, preparation is needed with prescribed burns happening ASAP (once the additional vegetation dries out enough) in vulnerable forests, which is probably most of them. On the 'Resources' page there is a design for the 'Oregon Hybrid' biochar kiln and Flat-Tiki 'Carbon' V3 biochar kiln (see 'Flat-Tiki 'Carbon'' page). Maybe these kilns could be deployed through some of the forests for reducing fuel load to produce biochar which could be recovered for Regenerative Agroforestry Systems (RAS) in the bush (in addition to the Terra Preta Australis produced during prescribed burns). Now that the Climate Safeguard Mechanism (CSM) from the Lower House has passed presumably it won't encounter too many hurdles in the Upper House. Most people in the 'Environmental movement' from what I can see are cautiously 'half glass full' over this policy, especially the bit where new fossil projects must pay their way to achieve 'Net-Zero' C emissions on an annual basis by purchasing C emission offsets, which could prevent many new fossil projects going ahead. But, does anyone completely understand the CSM legislation anyway other than MP Chris Bowen and MP Adam Bandt who were the main negotiators? I might actually read the final legislation after it probably passes and try to make more sense of it.


Just for a change, I'm going to be a political and environmental pragmatist (to try and break the 'cynical paradox' that my mind is currently in) and suggest some of the C emission offsets could go towards growing and building more biological/wildlife/biodiversity corridors for wildlife, insects etc which will provide them an escape route during a predicted increase in bushfires due to climate change acceleration as well as providing more ecological services. More sustainable and useful than tree monocultures. I'll even go further and suggest some fire resilient (possibly used in intermittent firebreaks) and economically useful 'Permaculture plants' could be grown (the ones that won't become 'weeds') in addition to appropriate native species in the corridors as part of an integrated RAS for some extra bush tucker, medicine and whatever else seems useful. AirSeed drone tech ( could be employed to deliver seedballs. The corridors could be designed using the 'open source' and free QGIS platform. There's also a possibility for updated software (also built around the QGIS platorm) that linked emergency services, volunteers, the Military and Gov for logistics and resource deployment for floods and bushfires. I don't think anyone wants another Lismore situation.

Any comments welcome!



Looks like the 'National Wildlife Corridors Plan' got archived - can't find a current web page. Possibly politically untenable but now Labor rules the country (apart from Tasmania) so it could be politically rebooted!

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