Acacia growing experiment

While I'm fired up over the recent climate politics in Oz, I thought I would do something physical/real just to muddy the C emission offset water ;)

I'm going to compare 2 growing systems, growing Acacia mearnsii and Acacia saligna for biomass coppicing to make more biochar in a Kon-Tiki 'Essential' biochar kiln (which can be partly used to grow more acacias for more biomass coppicing etc etc).

1-Illustrated on the 'Regenerative Agroforestry System (RAS)' page (Tree planting hole with biochar) using a Cyclone 200mm post hole digger (the green object), permafert, Acacia tubestock, circular berms, cardboard tree guards (from recycled cardboard) with bamboo stakes

2-Acacia seedballs using a manual system with a SS 20L bucket to hold the seedball ingredients, sledgehammer for vertically milling/pounding the ingredients, ice cube tray and teaspoon for building the seedballs and seeds - a system which I believe is suitable for low numbers of seedballs. I'm going to place them where I need them but for aerial spreading/broadcasting from your hand they would need to be dried, which seems to work with air drying on trays.

Other seedball approaches include using a 'Von Bachmayr drum' for larger quantities. (drones) for even larger numbers terraforming the landscape if one can access and afford the technology.

Any feedback/comments welcome!



I'm running 2 horses for comparison. I'm betting Acacia saligna will grow faster due to a preferred higher altitude and lower rainfall growing requirements compared to Acacia mearnsii. Information is variable on it's use for charcoal.

Acacia mearnsii

  • fast growing
  • excellent charcoal
  • can coppice
  • water hungry
  • can be invasive but 'native' to SA according to
  • sea level to 200m (Barossa is ~372m)
  • 600-925mm rainfall

Acacia saligna

  • pp.170-173, 'Acacias of SA'
  • sandy loam
  • charcoal - unsure how 'good' it will be for biochar
  • can coppice
  • biomass
  • fast growth rate
  • can be invasive
  • sea level to 325m
  • 300-700mm rainfall


And just for some spine chilling comedy:


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