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The Permastove V3 TLUD stove

I designed this one with a friend 5 years ago. I think 0.9mm 304 ss steel is better use of steel and lighter compared to my original design to use 1.5mm 304 ss. I'm also going to try some 304ss M5 threaded rod to secure the cylinders. I haven't built it yet so I can't guarantee everything is going to line up perfectly eg.the screw holes. Though Dr TLUD doesn't like a triple wall and prefers a double wall, using less steel, for a cooler fire, I've added the triple wall for higher temperatures producing higher surface area of the biochar (the byproduct of pyrolysis), eg., 2 of them could use the triple wall for boiling water and frying fake meat/algae burgers and for biochar pellets with high surface area for water filtration and in a hydroponic system. The other 2 could just operate with a double wall (with the middle wall removed) for cooking with a cooler fire (suitable for slower cooking rice, soups, stews etc.) and maybe using the biochar pellets for a toilet. I would consider both TLUD variations as fuel efficient as they are appropriate for the applications.

The Permastove V3 TLUD original design
Permastove V3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.6 MB
The Permastove V3 - final
Can be viewed with 'LibreCAD' for Windows ( or Linux ( eg.Running 'Ubuntu 23.04 LTS'
Permastove V3a.dxf
Text Document 1.3 MB

Alternatively, a flatpacked TLUD stove, such as the 'Flat Permastove' I am R&Ding could be a winner one day. Although it's using 2.5mm 304 ss at this stage, lighter and stronger alloys could be used in place since every gram of weight going to Mars costs money. The flatpack design also reduces volume and once again cost. Below is a 3D model of the 'Flat Permastove'. It can be viewed with 'DWGSee Pro 2023' (using the orbit icon on the RHS of the zoom icons to rotate). Enjoy!

The 'Flat Permastove' 3D CAD model - first prototype
Flat Permastove 3D - final.dxf
Text Document 1.4 MB

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