A cunning plan for 2024

A bit of work to do for 2024. Note that this idea uses aged/composted poultry manure - small advantage in co-composting with biochar and I'm not producing much green waste to compost. Instead, I'm trying an experiment to produce Biochar Mineral Complex (BMC) (pioneered by Professor Stephen Joseph and more recently by Dr Nadav Ziv with 'CompoChar' - a soil-free material/probiotic inoculated BMC getting some great results using a continuous biochar kiln) in the KTE without using an additional barrel retort in the kiln as the kiln is only around 370 litres in a cone shape. The aged poultry manure might not have the microbiology I'm after either. Instead, 'Popul8' (beneficial bacteria and fungi spores) from Neutrog will be used for added 'Permafert' microbiology starting with a 1L bottle which can be used as a starter culture using the Warm Heart Worldwide (https://www.warmheartworldwide.org/biochar-training-resources.html) EM idea. Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMOs) in the soil dug from the swales will also add to the microbiology. Note that the woody feedstock doesn't need to be super dry (could be above 15% moisture content (MC)) to process and instead the main drying occurs after processing (for the firestarter feedstock) and the feedstock coated with manure, with ideally less than 15% MC for both feedstocks before pyrolysis. I conveniently had some 'thin bamboo' already dried which I will use for smaller biochar particle size (and more phytolith rich 'Inertinite' - see the blog 'Join the dots' and page 'Bamboo Biochar Kiln' for more information) and increase kiln pyrolysis temperature (see diagram). I'm going to ditch the swale bottom biochar aquifer in this design as the swales are shallow (quick and easy) and I will need all the root space I can get plus I'm increasing the biochar content in the Permafert so the advantage of a bottom biochar aquifer is less. Do more with less...

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