Some apptech worth checking out

From left to right:

  • 100L stainless 'Stockpot Biochar System' (SBS) Top-Fed Open Draft kiln with cogeneration possibility on a cast iron hot plate/griddle at the beginning of a burn before making biochar (not yet prototyped)
  • The 'Chimney TLUD' made from 304 stainless 6" chimney fllue for a pizza oven eg.Bakerstone (not yet prototyped). Could also be fabricated from 6" 304 1.6mm exhaust tube if you've got a powerful angle grinder and can access and afford the steel.
  • The '3 in 1' 'Flat Permastove V4' TLUD (prototyped) made from 304 stainless, for an outdoor kitchen, multi-day trekking and car/base camp with additional chimney piece and 'Champion' pot stand (soon to be replaced with a 'Universal Pot Stand' (UPS) - not yet prototyped) useful for slow cooking with a cool fire eg. curry in a Kadhai or whatever else you want to cook or boil
  • The completely 2D laser cut and flatpacked 'Flat Permastove' TLUD (prototyped) made from 304 2.5mm stainless with 15L stainless stockpot for boiling water - this guy can burn pretty hot which is good for boiling large volumes of water, eg. emergency WASH. Although for this design the biochar can be retrieved after a burn with a little difficulty, in order to maximise the thermal energy from the feedstock for water boiling (where the solid fuel wood/rice husk pellets need to be transported over long distances=transport fuel and shipping volume), the biochar could be ashed and it would still be a C neutral burn. If you are interested in buying the CAD for it, please reach out on the 'Contact' page and we can negotiate a good price.


And, for a '3 in 1' indoor and outdoor kitchen (and possibly car camping too), I recommend the off-the-shelf 'FabStove' TLUD designed by Ekasi Energy - if you can afford and access one?

It's worth checking out the video here:

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