Activated Biochar System (ABS) concept

Here's a concept for steam activated biochar.


A 100 litre stockpot (which could be a 50L stockpot), with a 'Flat Permastove V2' outer cylinder repurposed as a short stable chimney, directs heat to the bottom of a 15 litre stockpot filled halfway with water. Biochar from a previous TLUD burn would be placed in the top mesh basket. The water in the stockpot would boil producing high temperature steam (but not super heated) which could theoretically crack more biochar cell walls, increasing surface area and oxygenating more microcavities 'activating' the biochar. I would need to get some lab tests done on the biochar or alternatively do some Methylene Blue dye (1%) tests on the biochar for adsorption capability. The 'Activated biochar' could be used in a hydrogel with Sodium Alginate in an Atmospheric Water Harvesting (AWH) system - still to be tested.


Ideally the chimney would be taller and just as stable.


A more effective system would use a pressurised boiler and steam distributor but I'm not yet sure how that would interface with the TUD and biochar - needs more design thinking.


This also opens up more possibilities for accessories using cogeneration from the 'Stockpot TLUD Biochar System'.


On a slightly different note, here's a 3 step potable water and cogeneration survival system.


Contaminated water could be first filtered in a gravity fed biochar water filtration system.

The wastewater from washing vegetables could be filtered here.


The water from Step 1 is boiled.

The 'Flat Permastove V2' could boil water (using pellets/environmental biomass as fuel) and produce steam in the 15L stockpot with a stainless colander for steaming vegetables eg. root vegetables, brassicas etc. as cogeneration


The water remaining after steaming could then be (re) filtered in a second gravity fed biochar water filtration system for clean potable water.


The biochar produced from boiling water in the TLUD would be added to the 2 biochar water filtration systems which, depending on how often they are used and the water quality, would need their biochar replaced from time to time.

The used/spent biochar from the biochar water filtration systems can then be added to sanitation systems such as humanure and biochar piss buckets then 'sinked' in the growing systems eg.pots, swales, Zai pits etc. used to produce the vegetables or other plants for steaming and nutrition.

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