An opportunity - not a crisis

I'm a writer and applied scientist.

Natural gas is a C emission delivery technology that directly contributes to climate change which is a National security risk. A question begs asking:
 It is in Australia's National interest to promote and develop alternative renewable energy sources that don't emit C emissions into the atmosphere which warm the Planet and ocean surface temperature causing coral bleaching, temperature stratification and also eventually gets sucked up by the ocean, the major C sink on the Planet and acidify it further destroying the marine web of life?


5 forseeable options with the E coast natural gas crisis
- natural gas reserve (owned by the Gov)
- fossil C export tax
- electrification and biomass to biochar TLUD campaign

- no natural gas disconnection fees (price gouging)
- natural gas industry dogma is called out for what it is...methane is not a transition's an old and obsolete fossil energy source that won't go away anytime soon unless public policy turns on it's head

BUT here we have a problem. No major political party will launch a 'Just Green Transition' for a consistent renewable energy agenda for harvesting wild energies that are everywhere and stored with battery storage using green chemistry for grid firming (as opposed to inappropriate baseload power eg.nuclear)


The problem is science literacy. It's easy to be surrounded by political propaganda and disinformation but reality bites - although the Hon Peter Dutton believes in nuclear fission energy, it's out of date (unless you're talking about submarines and some spacecraft) tech and too many potholes. I'm tuning out of the mass media. Do we really need to be talking about this until the next election? Waste of everyone's time. Delay and more delay with no renewable energy target. Renewables win on cost, budget blow outs and are shovel ready. The only thing that will change with solar is increases in efficiency, which may end up being a tandem perovskite/Silicon cell configuration but needs a green chemistry and simple fabrication, possibly roll to roll. Battery chemistry is also being updated on almost a daily basis - but the concept of the battery is solid and probably solid state in the future. We need them for grid firming. Wind is evolving too. Biomass to biochar is Carbon negative. Running out of time for more action in the best direction we can possibly take it.

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