Carbon negative factory for Carbon negative renewable energy

I had the idea today that a Carbon negative factory could be built using Carbon negative building materials, based on biochar, and powered by biomass to biochar kilns eg.ECHO2, for heat and power, to power the kiln, provide factory space heating when needed and provide power to production line equipment. The biochar produced from the kilns could be used to fabricate C-based ?quantum perovskite PVs and thermal energy blocks made from biochar to Graphite to store electricity from rooftop PVs and despatch electricity, via 40%+ efficient thermal PVs (Antora Energy), on demand for a variety of applications -including more Carbon negative factories!


There are a number of thermal energy storage media, some more developed than others
- water
- molten salt

   Used widely in earlier Concentrated Solar Power plants
- graphite
- sand
- gravel
- biochar

  Green fields research!


Research suggests that biochar has suitable physical properties for energy storage and release - with the added advantage that it's produced from biomass (waste) and isn't a finite mining resource which graphite is. There's also a possibility of producing graphite from biochar or even directly from biomass, which I am currently researching.



Sustainable Conversion of Lignocellulose
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Iron-catalyzed graphitization of biochar
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